Solar Energy

Solar EnergyPhotovoltaic Systems “PV” or solar electric is a relatively new technology.  PV uses semi-conductors and sunlight to make electricity. The more solar modules a PV system or array has, the more electricity will be generated.  Direct current (DC) electricity can be “inverted” into alternating current (AC), so it can be useable power for a home or business, which can off-set or even eliminate the electric bill.  Utility-Scale PV systems, sometimes called “solar farms” provide power for regional users by (or in cooperation) with electric utility providers. Grid-Interconnected PV systems are the most common use for solar panels and require special inverters to allow electricity to flow safely back into the electric grid. When solar power is generated, this power is first used by the building/residence, and then surplus electricity can actually flow back into the grid, giving full retail credit per kilowatt-hour from your utility provider.  If interested in obtaining more information please contact Pulstream USA so we can fulfill your renewable energy requirements.